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SIDENOTE: The interviews and posts up until November 2014 were posted during my time with a small publisher when my novel, The Genesis of Destiny, was under its original title - The Destined Child.






IndieWritersReview Blog Guest Post


This is my first post as a guest blogger. In this post, I talk about the craft of writing and how I first became interested in creating stories!


Click here: IndieWritersReview Blog Guest Post

April 07, 2014

April 27, 2014

IndieReview Behind The Scenes Blog Talk Radio
This is my radio interview with authors Michelle Cornwell-Jordan and Jamie White. In this broadcast we talk about my debut novel from Silver Tongue Press called The Erlonan Tales: The Destined Child, why we love to write, and our favorite tv shows. I had such a FANTASTIC time with these two!
Click here: IndieReview Behind The Scenes Radio Interview

May 31, 2014

Teen Help and Information Featured on
My self-published book Teen Help and Information was recently featured on, a site created by writers that's dedicated to promoting the workd of other writers. This one totally caught me by surprise. I didn't know it was posted until it was sent to me through Twitter! It's nice to know that there are writers who are willing to help others who are intrigued by the power of words!
Click here: Teen Help and Information on

June 19, 2014

Jerry Royce Live on Positive Power 21Talk Radio
This was my interview on Jerry Royce Live! His slogan: "The Greatest Podcaster on Earth brings positive-thinkers and powerful book authors to Jerry Royce Live!" Jerry's slogan is right -- he truly is one of the most comforting and engaging podcasters I've ever known. Not only did I have a great time on his show, I made a new friend and a colleague as well. In this broadcast, we talked about my debut novel The Erlonan Tales: The Destined Child and my self-help book for teens called Teen Help and Information! It's an uplifting and inspiring hour-long podcast, so click on the link below to be entertained and encouraged!
Click here: Jerry Royce Live on Positive Power 21 Talk Radio

July 17, 2014

The Erlonan Tales: The Destined Child Featured on
Here's an artice on about my latest fantasy book The Erlonan Tales: The Destined Child. In this feature, you'll discover such things as what inspired me to write the book and how I came up with the characters!
Click here: The Erlonan Tales: The Destined Child on
Author Interview with
Not only did BookGoodies feature my fantasy book on their website, but they interviewed me as well! This was such a great thing for the people at BookGoodies to do and I am so grateful for their excitement and interest in my goals. In this intriguing interview, you'll find out what inspires me to write, my writing process, and my ideas about the future of book publishing!
Click here: Interview with

July 17, 2014

Author Interview with Random Smiles Blog
In this intriguing interview, you'll find out more about Teen Help and Information and who I would like to play as characters in my The Erlonan Tales series if it were made into a film. 
Click here: Interview with Random Smiles Blog

October 13, 2014

July 06, 2015

Interview with The Thursday Interview
Here's an interview I did with a blog called The Thursday Interview! This is where I talk about the release of my third novel in The Erlonan Tales series. You can also read my responses to quite a few interesting questions.
Click here: The Thursday Interview
The re-release of The Erlonan Tales series and short stories
Each book in The Erlonan Tales, along with their short stories "A Day at the Beach" and "Two Bundles of Love" are released with updated covers and content. 
Click here: D. L. Jordan's Author Page

December, 2017

December, 2017

DLJordanBooks is Founded
It finally happened! DLJordanBooks, an online publishing company that specializes in the creation and distribution of works by Dominique Jordan, is founded and created by Dominique Jordan. 
Click here for the Twitter Moment celebrating the occasion: The Result of Following Your Dreams
Click here to follow DLJordanBooks on Twitter: DLJordanBooks

February 23, 2018

'The Genesis of Destiny' is Nominated!
EXCITING NEWS!! The first book in The Erlonan Tales series, The Genesis of Destiny, has been nominated for a 2018 Readers Choice Award by TCK Publishing in the Fantasy Book category. VOTING STARTS NOW!
Click here to vote on TCK Publishing's website: Voting Page
Little Sally and Her Phone of Many Colors is Released!
My first children's book is released!! Working on this was truly a blast. Inclusion in children's literature is something that I always aspire to, so it's great that I am able to show that with this book. A fantastic adventure for kids, and those who are kids at heart, Little Sally and Her Phone of Many Colors is a FANTASTIC adventure that's perfect for anyone living in today's digital age! Illustrations for the book are by the talented team at Swabe Design Studio. 
Click here: D. L. Jordan's Author Page

April 19, 2018

September 20, 2018

Interview on Table Talk with James Mansfield!
This was my first interview in a long time, but it was a lot of fun. It was great talking to James about The Erlonan Tales series, my journey as a self-published author, and the advice I would give to those pursuing the art of writing. His Table Talk program was great and I recommend his blog, The Ivory Chronicles, to anyone who loves great information like I do.
Also, follow James on Twitter: @IvoryChronicles.
Click here: Table Talk Interview -  D. L. Jordan
Table Talk Ivory Chronicles.jpg
Interview on Kate J. Foster with Kate J. Foster!
This was another interview for a great blog that was a lot of fun. In this interview, I explained more about my writing process, how self-publishing is changing the frontier of how we read books, and the importance of diversity and inclusion. I recommend her blog to anyone who loves great content.
Follow Kate on Twitter: @winellroad.
Click here: Kate J. Foster Interview -  Meet D. L. Jordan

September 28, 2018

purple flower.jpg
Interview on Massive Black Hole with Andrya Bailey!
This was another interview for an exciting blog. In this interview, I explained more about my background, why self-publishing is the new frontier of the publishing industry, and my favorite quote by Terence (185 BC - 159 BC) - a man who was brought as a slave to ancient Rome from Africa. However, despite his time in bondage, Terence became one of the most celebrated playwrights of that era. He said, "I am human, therefore I consider nothing human alien to me." Please follow Andrya's blog for more great content.
Follow Andrya on Twitter: @AndyB0810.
Click here: Andrya Bailey Interview -  Meet D. L. Jordan

October 14, 2018

black hole in space.jpg
Guest Post on IndieWritersReview Blog!
This was my second guest blog post on IndieWritersReview, a website spotlighting indie writers by my good friend Michell-Cornwell Jordan (no relation). My first post was back in 2014. In this post, I talk about how authors can make the choice to pursue any dream that they want when it comes to their work.
My favorite line in this post is: "As writers, we must be determined to accept the fact that we are the gatekeepers of our own happiness when it comes to our work and what we put out into the world."
Please follow Michelle's blog for more great content.
Follow Michelle on Twitter: @mcjordan37.
Click here for the post: Author D.L. Jordan’s Feature “The Power of Determination and Hope When Writing"

November 03, 2018


April 03, 2019

This was another great interview I did for another exciting blog. Thanks again, James. I had a fantastic time!
Please follow James'' blog for even more great content.
Follow James on Twitter: @JQM_Serv.
Click here for the post: JQM Literary Chat Welcomes Dominique Langston Jordan

April 01, 2020

Little Sally is Read on FEFE'S BOOKSHELF!
My children's book 'Little Sally and Her Phone of Many Colors' was read aloud on FeFe's Bookshelf on YouTube! FeFe's Bookshelf is a wonderful page that focuses on children's books by  self-published authors.  Thanks again FeFe!
Click here to watch the video: Little Sally and Her Phone of Many Colors on FeFe's Bookshelf
You can LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to FeFe's Bookshelf on YouTube for more great videos.
Follow FeFe's Bookshelf on Twitter: @BookshelfeFefe.
You can also buy 'Little Sally and Her Phone of Many Colors' by visiting here on Amazon.

My new book Auburn Avenue is finally available on Amazon! This novella, set in 1911, is a historical mystery book unlike anything you've ever read. Set in the Jim Crow South, the story follows two African-American protagonists - Marion Franklin and her husband Jack Franklin. Marion is an accomplished professor at Atlanta University and Jack is an entrepreneur with a barbershop on the celebrated Auburn Avenue area in Atlanta, Georgia. However, Marion and Jack must step up to the plate when they attend an engagement party...and the bride-to-be ends up murdered. It's up to Marion and Jack to find who among the guests may be the culprit!
You can purchase Auburn Avenue by clicking the following link: Auburn Avenue on Amazon

July 10,


D. L. Jordan_2.jpg
"EGYPT" Becomes a Semifinalist in the 2021 WeScreenplay Feature Contest!

My screenplay "Egypt" has been placed as a Semifinalist in the 2021 WeScreenplay Feature Competition! "Egypt" is an exciting and adventurous family drama set in the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt. It's a captivating story filled with intrigue, battles, and true history. I'm so excited to see my screenplay make it this far, and that the judges were able to see its value as much as I do.
You can see all the semifinalists, including my screenplay "Egypt"  by clicking the link: 2021 WeScreenplay Feature Contest

March 15,

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