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Genesis of Destiny Front Cover.jpg
The Erlonan Tales: The Genesis of Destiny
(Book 1)

When the people of a utopian civilization are plagued by an evil being that threatens their existence, it's up to one person to save them all! 

The Erlonan Tales: The Genesis of Destiny is a thrilling, compelling, and high-paced novel about Dean Richardson who, at the tender age of seven years-old, is kidnapped during a family trip by mysterious beings to a mesmerizing world called Erlon -- a place filled with exotic wonders, strange inventions, and diverse, heart-warming characters. Under these circumstances, Dean is brought under the wing of a loving family and eventually learns to adapt to the ways of the Erlonans, never hearing from his beloved family again. 

However, many years later, the world of Erlon is threatened by a relentless and evil force. Dean learns that he is the heir to one of Erlon's mightiest thrones and is soon faced with the challenge of defeating the evil that seeks to destroy it. 

The Quest for Pollima New Cover 2018.jpg
The Erlonan Tales: The Quest for Pollima
(Book 2)


In The Erlonan Tales: The Quest for Pollima, Dean Richardson is once again faced with the challenge of protecting the Yailonian people! In this tantalizing and extraordinary second book in The Erlonan Tales series, Dean's time away from The Marble Palace with his loving family has made him forgetful of the fact that peaceful times don't remain peaceful for long. 

Upon his return, Dean discovers from the rulers of Yailon that the sacred Tigris Pollima, whose presence is essential to their life force, has disappeared. After days of intense searching, it is deduced that Pollima is nowhere to be found on the island. Dean and his colleagues are sent to search for the creature throughout the ruins of the entire world of Erlon. While on their journey, Dean and the others encounter mysteries untouched by time, uncovering dangerous perils and even new allies along the way!


The Erlonan Tales: The Curse of Imperia

(Book 3)


Chaos and uncertainty await Dean Richardson in this third installment of The Erlonan Tales series!

In The Curse of Imperia, Yailon's future is in jeopardy once again - challenged by a figure that threatens the city's future. This figure is named Imperia, and her wrath is unforgiving.

As Dean and his cohorts continue to maintain peace in the city of Yailon, they are unaware of the danger being stirred in the jungles just beyond the city's borders. A new enemy named Imperia seeks to destroy the city of Yailon and its citizens, and she means to carry out her plan with the help of menacing and ancient creatures from the jungles.

Also, the possible return of the evil Xanire looms over the city and the mysterious Imperia seeks to make sure he returns with a vengeance. 

Can Dean and the Rulers of Yailon stop Imperia and her minions from carrying out her plans? Find out in this third installment of The Erlonan Tales series!




The Erlonan Tales: The Golden Trinket

(Book 4)


In this fourth installment of The Erlonan Tales series, Dean Richardson must embark on a journey to restore peace and civility to his beloved land of Avesia in the world of Erlon once more!  After the deadly impact of Imperia's curse upon the island of Avesia, Dean must search for a golden trinket that is unlike anything he has ever seen.

In The Erlonan Tales: The Golden Trinket, follow Dean as he must once again face new dangers that await him in the world of Erlon. Follow him as he makes new allies and come to terms with a few old ones, while dealing with a brutal truth from his past.




Little Sally and Her Phone of Many Colors


Little Sally loves her phone! After trying to gain likes and follows for the website she has made, Sally meets the friendly Gary the Gruzzle - a magical, furry creature from a magical land. Sally and Gary soon go on an adventure to faraway places she's never been before. Follow Sally as she goes on the adventure of a lifetime!

D. L. Jordan_2.jpg

Auburn Avenue


A fabulous ball. Mysterious guests. A diabolical murder.


The year is 1911. In Atlanta, Georgia, intolerance and discrimination still simmer in the blazing heat. But brilliant African American professor Marion Franklin refuses to let the ugliness and injustice of the times define her life. With determination in their hearts, Marion and her husband Jack are determined to build a better future.


But Marion soon finds her plans put on hold when she attends the engagement party of a family friend, Abigail Brown. Abigail is preparing to marry an upstanding gentlemen named Uriah, and their party is the talk of Atlanta’s black community. But as the night sky explodes with fireworks, Marion and Jack make a grim discovery - Abigail has been murdered and one of her guests may be the culprit!


Determined to solve the brutal crime, Marion and Jack face indifferent police, mysterious twists, and a gathering of guests who are far more than they appear. Can Marion’s brilliant mind piece together the killer’s true identity before they strike again?


An engagement party with murder on the guest list. Welcome to Auburn Avenue!


From Rainney to Sonny

From Rainney to Sonny is a story that uses the classic elements of mystery, humor, and compassion in a modern tale between two people who share a secret that will change their lives forever.

David Sonny is a counselor in the busy city of San Francisco. A life-loving and compassionate man with great friends and a satisfying job, he can’t imagine how his life could get any better. On the other side of the country, Marshall Rainney is an Ohio high school teacher who just can’t seem to get a break out of life. After a horrible accident, Marshall ends up in the local hospital and is visited by the sexy, vibrant, and nurturing Ethel Collier - his co-worker and longtime crush whose attention he just can’t seem to get. But one day, both men come into contact with one another after answering an online ad for an annual pen pal program. 

Through this encounter, David Sonny and Marshall Rainney will interact and discover a secret that has been hidden from them all their lives…a secret that will ultimately change their lives and the way they view themselves and the world forever.




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