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Auburn Avenue


A fabulous ball. Mysterious guests. A diabolical murder.


The year is 1911. In Atlanta, Georgia, intolerance and discrimination still simmer in the blazing heat. But brilliant African American professor Marion Franklin refuses to let the ugliness and injustice of the times define her life. With determination in their hearts, Marion and her husband Jack are determined to build a better future.


But Marion soon finds her plans put on hold when she attends the engagement party of a family friend, Abigail Brown. Abigail is preparing to marry an upstanding gentlemen named Uriah, and their party is the talk of Atlanta’s black community. But as the night sky explodes with fireworks, Marion and Jack make a grim discovery - Abigail has been murdered and one of her guests may be the culprit!


Determined to solve the brutal crime, Marion and Jack face indifferent police, mysterious twists, and a gathering of guests who are far more than they appear. Can Marion’s brilliant mind piece together the killer’s true identity before they strike again?


An engagement party with murder on the guest list. Welcome to Auburn Avenue!




Auburn Avenue!


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