The Erlonan Tales: The Curse of Imperia (Book 3)



Chaos and uncertainty await Dean Richardson in this third installment of The Erlonan Tales series!

In The Curse of Imperia, Yailon's future is in jeopardy once again - challenged by a figure that threatens the city's future. This figure is named Imperia, and her wrath is unforgiving.

As Dean and his cohorts continue to maintain peace in the city of Yailon, they are unaware of the danger being stirred in the jungles just beyond the city's borders. A new enemy named Imperia seeks to destroy the city of Yailon and its citizens, and she means to carry out her plan with the help of menacing and ancient creatures from the jungles.

Also, the possible return of the evil Xanire looms over the city and the mysterious Imperia seeks to make sure he returns with a vengeance. 

Can Dean and the Rulers of Yailon stop Imperia and her minions from carrying out her plans? Find out in this third installment of The Erlonan Tales series!




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© 2020 by Dominique Langston Jordan. 

The Quest for Pollima

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